Tundra boogie unit from Finland. Est. 1998.
5 albums, 4 x 7″, thousands of kilometers.

CJBM 2018 by Sami Jaamala

Marko, Pekka, Teemu, Timo and Pentti shot 2018 in Helsinki by Sami Jaamala. Klik for hi-rez version.

Stage plot + input list / PDF / cosmo-teknix2015-v2

From the wwww:

“Skunkadelicatess potkaisi sellaisella musertavuudella heti ensikuulemalla, että tuntui kuin seitsemän kilon pajavasara olisi jytkähtänyt otsaluuhun noin sata kilometria tunnissa. Sanalla sanoen, ilikeesti kiitää!” — Aamulehti / 2015

Skunkadelicatess arvioita / reviews!! Sorry outlanders, so far in finnish only.
Tzekkaa Keskisuomalainen, Tamperelainen, Uljas sekä Aamuset.

Blues News 2/2015 haastattelu skannattuna (PDF / 6MB) Cosmo-bluesnews2015

“Hämmentävä yhdistelmä äärimmäisen juurevaa bluesia ja suomalaista pystymetsä-hulluutta …. hyvällä tavalla vinksahtanutta ja todella kierosti groovaavaa.” / 2006


Mid 1990’s:
Pekka Pirttikangas enjoyed sitting and listening at the practice place of finnish pioneers Chop Suey. His kin Marko Lukkarinen was on guitar. Soon Pekka and Paul Staufenbiel started developing “a new band with a raw blues-spirited sound”. Marko, Torsti Tuovinen and JP Hautalampi joined soon. In 1999 Bad Vugum released the debut album “My Style Is Eurostyle” of the original CJBM line-up:

Marko Lukkarinen – backing vox, slide guitar
JP Hautalampi – drums
Pekka Pirttikangas – vox, slide guitar
Torsti Tuovinen – junk percussion
Paul Staufenbiel – keys, harmonica

The sound is unique: no bass, but fuzzy keyboards, lots of percussions, and a twisted vision of african mutant nuclear turbo-rythmh-n-b.

Denmark’s Bad Afro records released the 7″ EP “Interplanetary Cosmobile”, which sold out quickly. In 2002 the band played in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia. Hot Igloo records released the scorching “Negrospiritualized” album to reap praising reviews in 2003. By 2004 JP left, and soon Paul left too. From the close galaxy of Astro Can Caravan came the musical experimentalists Arvi Hasu, Otto Eskelinen and Niko Votkin to continue the trip. In 2005 the moody album “No Matter How You Pray” came out via underground labels Zerga and Autotehtaat joining forces. More gigs came alongside the “NYC Fire / Jitterbug Swing” 7″ on Sporting Life Records. Arvi left in late 2005 and Pentti started on bass after considering for 2 seconds. Summer 2008 saw the release of “Belzeboogie” and more kilometers on the road. Then the personnel was:

Pekka Pirttikangas – vox, slide guitar
Marko Lukkarinen – backing vox, slide guitar
Torsti Tuovinen – junk percussion
Niko Votkin – drums
Otto Eskelinen – keys, sax, bass clarinet, sampler, noises
Pentti Dassum – bass, slide guitar, noises

In summer 2008 Niko handed the drumsticks back to JP. More gigs and wierdness from losing a practice space followed.

In spring 2009 the band started a huge project to collect as much unreleased material as possible for an upcoming bootleg called Lunar Notes. Photos were dug out and old cassettes transferred. A lot of tracks were thought to be lost, but maybe not after all.

Around these times Pekka started to play some solo gigs as Pharaoh Pirttikangas. Soon there were some familiar faces backing him up, the project grew into a full band, the lyrics changed to Finnish, the Pharaoh morphed into Faarao and so started Faarao Pirttikangas & Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset.

Also Marko and JP and Torsti were constantly more active with The Country Dark, a filthy punkabilly unit led by Sonninen. Yeah, the same guy who navigated Chop Suey, and thus influenced Pekka and Paul to start CJBM. So the circle closes.

In autumn 2012 it was time for Torsti to hand over the percussion bones to Teemu Mäenpää, who was an easy choice from Astro Can Caravan times. Also Otto concentrated more on his family and his new solar jazz unit New Garden Orchestra.

So in 2013 this unit entered Pyramidi Studios for the Skunkadelicatess tapes:

Pekka Pirttikangas – vox, slide guitar
Marko Lukkarinen – backing vox, slide guitar
Teemu Mäenpää – junk percussion
JP Hautalampi – drums
Pentti Dassum – bass, noises

Skunkadelicatess was released in spring 2015 via Karkia Mistika Records and since the first pressing sold out quickly, to everyone’s joy, the second pressing is on neon-yellow vinyl.

In 2016 a cool 7″ came out with two live set regulars, “Married Woman” by Frankie Lee Sims, and “Safe As Milk” by Cpt. Beefheart And The Magic Band, honoring the masters. Once again Karkia Mistika delivers, and none other than Pertti Jarla made the cover.

In November 2016 JP decided to do other stuff, and Timo Kinnunen got the contract. You might remember him from such machines as Cleaning Women and Kometa. Hard rehearsals are showing results, and the current live set is a full cookin preview of the next album.

Crank it to blow your top like a Fukushima Papa.

Emil Gibovic / NY 2018